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All the horses in Mark’s yard, which he runs with his partner Robert Roel, are trained under saddle by Mark. Mark also trains clients’ horses, both at the start of their riding careers, and later on when they need help to learn more difficult movements or move up a competitive level. It is also very common for clients to ask Mark to train and show their horses at competitions, for sales purposes or sports horse grading.

  Christon B Vosbergen (Sandro Hit x Jazz)


Dutch dressage training, horse production and competition riding is regarded as a respected profession, and as such it is bound by national guidelines and training exams. Mark is qualified to educate and bring out horses in all classes up to and including Grand Prix level. Mark is qualified to train your horse in various ways, such as training to compete at IBOP, EPTM or Young Horses events. The structure necessary in the training for these competitions, ensures that the horses are trained in a progressive manner that allows the horse to use its frame and potential without injury, or skipping important building blocks in the foundation of a correctly trained horse.

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bonjovibinnen  Bon Jovi (UB 40 x Krack C)


At times a horse and rider partnership can get stuck in their development, and this is when Mark can, firstly, assess the situation and then temporarily take over the ride to train the horse past the sticking point. Once the horse understands and is established at its new level, Mark then re-establishes the original horse and rider partnership.

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vivaldi uitgestr emmeloord  Vivaldi GW  (Jazz x Formateur)


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