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Injury prevention is of enormous importance. This surface that is chosen, is one with drainage and a top layer with fibers and geo-textiles. This soil ensures that your horse can do its work with confidence.




Once in a while, the horses take the 2 km long racetrack. It is good for the fitness and concentration of the horses. They stay focussed in their heads,  giving them the necessary variety in their work.




The estate is park landscaped with semi paved paths, ponds, etc. Warming up your horse or cooling it down with the fresh wind in your nose, or sneaking a sprint after work. A fresh and cheerful horse performs better. Also a nice place to take some pictures!




To let the mental strain slide away, the horses daily go to the meadow or paddock. In separate meadows, but if possible next to eachother. This will prevent injuries and there is still social contact.




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The size of the outdoor arena - 20 x 60 meters - is equivalent to the official size of a championship course, with dressage fences and gates placed around it each time, to simulate a competition arena in order to get a familiar feel as on an event.




The 8 horse walker is used daily to ensure that the horse's natural mileage is made in a balanced way. It also stimulates the blood circulation in the muscles and tendons, to keep them strong.




On the grounds is enough room for a vehicle or combination to park close to the training accommodations and apartments.



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For the purpose of transportation,  a 4 horse truck is available, including a ventilation system, tack room, stallion partitions, living room, and CCTV. Well equipped for a comfortable journey.

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