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Due to the insulated roof and vetilation systems in the stables, there is always a pleasant climate with plenty of fresh air. The average temperature is about 5 degrees warmer in winter and cooler in summer than outside. Consequently, your horse is stabled pleasant and comfortable.


Social Contact


When a horse is feeling good,  it learns faster and performs better. Social contact is an important part of the well-being of your horse. Railing in the partitions makes a nice sniffer hatch so your horse is feeling good. To avoid anxiety, there is a hatch in the stable's door, so the horses can see what is happening in the stables.




Horses earn the necessary resting after work. To keep the horse in good condition, it is stable and calm in the stables. The partitions are partially closed so that the horse cannot be disturbed by its neighbour when it wants to rest. Straw and large quantities of hay prevent boredom and digestion problems.




Large skylights in cooperation with artificial light provide sufficient daylight in the barn. Daylight stimulates the pituitary gland in the brains, which affects the hormone balance. Therefore the horse will stay fit, happy and sharp.



Tack Room


The enclosed tack room is functional and is located right next to the brushing and washing area, so everything for taking care of your horse is close at hand.


 Tacking Area


For the tacking and aftercare are spacious cleaning places available with hot and cold water. A non-slip floor against any slide and a solarium are there to dry them off after a shower turn.


 Indoor Arena

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For the purpose of the training is provided in a safely finished inside arena of 20 x 60 meters with a high quality soil and mirrors. This arena is properly insulated, so in summer and winter it is a pleasant place to stay.




The bedding of the stables and the nourishment are supplied monthly so that they remain free from pests

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